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2021-2022 "Key Dates" School Closures Calendar (PDF)

As of 1/28/2021

Covid Health and Safety Guidelines

D-E Dining

Cater to You Food Service is one of the leading food providers for independent schools in the NYC-Metro Area. We are proud to have the best in nutrition fo our community. Click below to learn more. 


Middle School Athletics has begun for the 2021-2022 academic year! We are excited to see all our Bulldogs practicing once again on our fields and courts! Please click here or visit d-e.org/athletics for the most current MS Athletics Announcements including the most current weekly practices/games schedule and guidelines for student-athletes.

Please note the following important date(s): 

  • Monday,  9/27/21 – MS Fall Sports Teams games/matches begin.

Questions? Email Greibin Agramonte, MS Athletics Director, at: agramg@d-e.org  

New Campus Map


Letter from Jonathan Davis, Middle School Principal

August 2021 Dear Middle School Families, Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year in the Middle School. September is peeking around the corner, and I’m eager to greet all the children on Thursday, September 9th, our first day of school. In the meantime, I hope you and your family members are enjoying a happy and healthy summer.  I’m looking forward to reconnecting with students and families in just a few short weeks. As we enter a year that will hopefully feel more normal, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of the middle school years.  I’ve often said, the ages between 11-16 are really the “age of opportunity.”  A middle school-aged student is capable of quickly learning new passions and has a neurological plasticity that adults cannot achieve.  This is not a linear process, and there are ups and downs for everyone in that age group.  Our focus will continue to be on the Student as Learner traits, with the belief that mistakes are just as valuable moments of learning as...

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Info for parents with children who are not old enough to receive the vaccine

Current as of September 1, 2021This is a special note for those families with children who are not yet old enough to receive the COVID vaccine.We know that vaccination and masking are the two best barriers of protection against the COVID virus.  For those children not...

Middle School Start of School COVID FAQs:

Do we need to always wear a mask inside?

It is a mandate in NJ and NY to wear masks indoors for schools. It is the policy at D-E for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask indoors. The exception is for adults working individually in a room with the door closed can take off their mask. We remind all community members that a large population of students (including the 6th grade) are not eligible for a vaccine at this time; this includes students and adults with significant underlying health concerns. Therefore, wearing a mask inside is our first line of defense during the school day.

Can MS students have a mask break outside?

Yes, everyone in the Middle School can have a mask break outside. When moving around between buildings people can have their masks off. We will be vigilant that students are maintaining distance and not hanging off of one another. The one exception to this rule is when in the Lower School or around LS students. LS students, faculty, and staff will be masked all day. We will follow LS protocol when working with that division.

Who is vaccinated in Middle School?

All students 12 and over will have at least their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine by the start of school. There are a very small number of students 7-12 who have an exemption from vaccinations (Dr. advised for health reasons, etc.). All MS faculty and staff are also vaccinated with at least one dose by the start of September. As students 

turn 12, they will be expected to begin the vaccination regimen within a short time frame and submit the documentation to school.

Will all the students get tested weekly again?

Not all students will be getting tested this year, only students who are too young to be vaccinated. All students sixth grade and younger (along with a handful of 7th graders) will be tested weekly. Testing days will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays. At some point in the year, 6th graders will be eligible for the vaccine, and we will decrease the frequency of testing for MS students.

Can we get tested on campus each week this year?

Only teachers working directly with unvaccinated students will be tested weekly on campus this year. For our purposes in the MS, that means faculty and staff who have a section of 6th graders or are involved in their direct supervision.

What are classroom configurations like this year?

Faculty will be able to adjust furniture and the layout of their classrooms according to the classroom activity. This means that students will be able to face each other during class.

Can students share materials in class (like paintbrushes, rulers, etc.)?

Yes, students can share materials, either in class (such as “can I borrow that pencil?”) and between classes (such as using a classroom set of books each period you teach). We will continue to stress hand washing and wiping down tables on a regular basis.

Where are all of the school policies posted?

You can find our official COVID guidelines on all of the school policies online: 


In addition please look out for Dr. Rodney De Jarnett’s Head of School Community Messages via email regularly.



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