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2021-2022 "Key Dates" School Closures Calendar (PDF)

As of 1/28/2021

Covid Health and Safety Guidelines

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Info for parents with children who are not old enough to receive the vaccine

Current as of September 1, 2021This is a special note for those families with children who are not yet old enough to receive the COVID vaccine.We know that vaccination and masking are the two best barriers of protection against the COVID virus.  For those children not...

Upper School Start of School COVID FAQs:

Do we need to always wear a mask inside?

It is a mandate in NJ and NY to wear masks indoors for schools. It is the policy at D-E for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask indoors. The exception is if you are working individually in a room with the door closed you can take off your mask. As the delta variant is ever-present, masks are crucial to prevent spread.

What about outside?

Upper School students do not need to wear masks when outside. We will be vigilant that students are maintaining distance and not hanging off of one another. The one exception to this rule is when in the Lower School or around LS students. LS students, faculty, and staff will be masked all day. We will follow LS protocol when working with that division. This exception includes the 6th grade as most are under the age to be vaccinated.

Who is vaccinated in Upper School?

With very few exceptions, all students in the Upper School will be vaccinated upon return to school on September 9. These exceptions are medically necessary, and those students will be wearing masks both inside and outside.

Will all the students get tested weekly again?

Upper School students will not be regularly tested this year.

What are classroom configurations like this year?

Faculty will be able to adjust furniture and the layout of their classrooms according to the classroom activity. This means that students will be able to face each other during class.

Can students share materials in class (like paintbrushes, rulers, etc.)?

Yes, students can share materials, either in class (such as “can I borrow that pencil?”) and between classes (such as using a classroom set of books each period you teach). We will continue to stress hand washing and wiping down tables on a regular basis.

What’s the deal with lunch?

Lunch is the most important time of day to be cautious. Chef Alex and CTY piloted a service during summer programs to serve the hot foods in line while making salads and sandwiches grab and go. We will not be pre ordering food online this year (except students with allergy concerns). We will have lunch indoors, but be distracted as much as possible. To maintain appropriate spacing, the 9th graders will eat in Umpleby. The rest of

the division will be dining in the Wharton Lessin dining hall. We will be staggering class years to reduce crowding. Seating will be in rows similar to last year, with students sitting three feet apart.

Can we take students on field trips?

We will be able to take day trips this year. Everyone must be masked on the buses, and if the destination is indoors, everyone should be masked while visiting. Outdoor field trips do not need to be masked events. We hope that in the spring semester we will be able to plan and take overnight trips, but this is not guaranteed at this point.

Will there be US athletics and other after school activities?

We will begin with a fall sports season for the US students. We will also have activity periods and extracurricular activities as well.

Will the whole year be like this?

We all hope that the conditions of this school year will get better. However, similar to last year, it is important to know that we may have to pivot in the middle of the school year. COVID has shifted from being a pandemic to being endemic in many parts of the world, so it will be difficult to root out and eliminate. By being vaccinated, wearing masks, and maintaining common sense safety precautions we are doing our part to get past this disease and serve our community.

Where are all of the school policies posted?

You can find our official COVID guidelines on all of the school policies online: 


In addition please look out for Dr. Rodney De Jarnett’s Head of School Community Messages via email regularly.



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