Please note that these Guidelines are subject to change at any time depending on any updates from public health resources at the national, regional, state, and/or local level, when/as needed. We encourage you to “follow” this Page to receive Notifications of any updates. Questions regarding these COVID Guidelines may be directed to the relevant Division Nurses for the School

(Current as of October 5, 2023)


  • Wearing masks indoors will be optional for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors except in certain situations (see below). We will notify the community if/when we strongly recommend wearing masks indoors on campus and buses, including when in times of high case numbers. 
  • In addition, masks must be worn through Day 10 if a student, faculty, or staff member has been identified as “highly exposed” with a positive tester. See “Exposure to COVID” section below.
  • In the case of the flu or other contagious illnesses, we will ask individuals to wear a mask until symptoms resolve.


    • For Students: COVID Vaccination is strongly recommended.


    Please note that at-home rapid, rapid, and/or PCR test results are accepted. However, if symptoms persist and repeat at-home tests are contrarily negative, a COVID test from a testing facility may be requested by the Division Nurse(s). 

    With the different COVID variants and the health and safety of all Dwight-Englewood students and faculty/staff in mind, we must be extra cautious and ask ALL students to be COVID tested if they are exhibiting ANY COVID-like symptoms, before returning to school.

    • Many students have seasonal allergies, but it is vital to rule out COVID. 
    • When any student exhibits cold symptoms or any COVID-like symptoms, including gastrointestinal illnesses, we ask you to please have your child tested.
    • Once COVID is ruled out, your child may need to be re-tested if their symptoms worsen, they develop new symptoms, or their symptoms resolve, and they become ill again at a later date. 
    • If your child is home sick over the weekend, please do not send your child(ren) to school without COVID testing them and sending their results to their relevant Division Nurse(s). Symptoms vary and may be mild for those fully vaccinated.
    • Important: A negative COVID test does not mean that your child is well enough to be at school. Often a doctor’s appointment is necessary to diagnose other illnesses. Please remember that your child(ren) must be well enough to fully participate in class. When in doubt, call your child’s pediatrician and keep your Division Nurse(s) informed.


    • If you are asymptomatic and fully vaccinated, you may continue to come to campus masked through Day 10.  If a fully-vaccinated student, faculty or staff member is considered “highly exposed” (see below) with an individual who tests positive for COVID, we will require that fully-vaccinated student, faculty or staff member to monitor themselves for symptoms AND provide a negative test on Day 5 after the latest exposure. At their discretion, the nurse(s) may require a PCR test. Masks will be required through Day 10. See “Masks” section for more information.
    • High Exposure is defined as someone who is in the same household or has been in Close Contact* within 48 hours of the symptomatic person.
      • Example: If the person who tested positive developed symptoms on a Thursday, anyone in Close Contact with said person since the Tuesday prior is considered Highly Exposed.
      • Close Contact is defined as being within 6 ft. for 15 cumulative minutes per 24 hours with someone who has tested positive.
    • Please note: You will not be required to COVID test for 90 days following a positive test result unless you develop new symptoms after quarantine. 
    • The COVID-positive person in the household must maintain CDC isolation protocol.


    Any student, faculty, or staff member who tests positive for COVID will be asked to quarantine through Day 5. A mask must be worn from Days 6 – 10 after testing positive when returning to campus. Please see “Positive Test Results & Next Steps” section above. A mask must be worn from Days 6 – 10 after testing positive when returning to campus. Please see “Positive Test Results & Next Steps” section above.

    • Please remember that the day of the positive test or the first day that you develop symptoms, is Day 0 (zero). 
    • If you have symptoms and test positive with any COVID test OR have a known exposure and test positive with any COVID test, there is no need to verify the results with a follow-up PCR test.


    • Quarantine is required through Day 5 for all positive testers, regardless of vaccination status or symptoms.
    • After Day 6 if there are no symptoms, the student, faculty or staff member can return to campus. Masks must be worn from Day 6-10 while on-campus. If your child cannot wear a well-fitted mask for the Days 6-10, parents must keep the child at home for the full ten days (ie through Day 10). 
      • For students who have had a moderate to severe case of COVID or were hospitalized must submit a completed D-E Return to School & Athletics Form, to both their division nurse and athletic trainers (if applicable) Kim Conover at and Anthony Bufi at (Return dates for school and sports may be different, depending on your provider’s assessment.) Telehealth appointments are not acceptable for students who have had a moderate to severe case of COVID: The Return to School & Athletics Form requires a cardiac assessment that must be done in a doctor’s office. 


    As we did last year, we will maintain the highest quality filtration and air flow in all indoor spaces.


    As we did last year, all rooms, surfaces, handles, and touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected daily.  Restrooms will be cleaned throughout the day.


    The School’s Magnus Health Portal (“Magnus”) issues periodic email updates to remind families that they need to complete their child’s medical/health forms, and Magnus can be accessed from these emails. Parents/guardians can also access Magnus from the MyD-E Parent Resource Board. Please note that LogIn to MyD-E is required to access Magnus. For MyD-E LogIn help and/or help with accessing Magnus, please email

    Supporting Remote Students Guidelines

    If in any case, your
    child must work remotely, read these guidelines.

    For US Students only.

    Questions regarding the guidelines below may be directed to your Division Nurse(s):



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