Please note that these Guidelines are subject to change at any time depending on any updates from public health resources at the national, regional, state, and/or local level, when/as needed. We encourage you to “follow” this Page to receive Notifications of any updates. Questions regarding these COVID Guidelines may be directed to the relevant Division Nurses for the School

(Current as of December 30, 2021)

The School will not have classes on Monday, January 3 to allow our teachers time to prepare for possible “modified learning plans”. The School will continue on-campus instruction beginning Tuesday, January 4, however, will also provide “modified learning plans” through Friday, January 14 as relevant for students on quarantine or for those families with COVID cases in the family and not yet ready to return to campus. After MLK Day Weekend, the School will re-evaluate this plan. Learning plans will vary depending on age groups and disciplines. Division principals together with teachers will determine more specific details. Those details will be communicated to all families as needed.


Masks have proven a successful mitigation step throughout the pandemic. The State of New Jersey has recently mandated that everyone in schools wear a mask while indoors. 

Please note our current masks guidelines: 

  • Students, faculty, and staff will be required to wear a mask while both indoors AND outdoors.
  • Everyone will be required to wear either a ‘triple-ply surgical mask’ or more preferably the KF94 or KN95 mask through January. Cloth masks are permitted only when worn over a surgical or KF94 or KN95 mask. The School will determine if we need to extend this policy into February.
  • Students, faculty, and staff are also required to wear masks while riding a bus to and from campus, to and from athletic practices and games. 
  • Daily mask breaks will be provided.
  • Athletes are required to wear masks in the locker rooms, on buses and for all indoor practices and games. Spectators, when allowed to attend indoor games, will be required to wear a mask.
  • “Gaiters” and ‘vented’ masks are not permitted. Face Shields are allowed but not sufficient on their own.
    • Masks must still be worn even if a Face Shield is used.


ALL students, 12 years of age and older, as well as all faculty and staff, must be vaccinated for COVID.

Exemptions will be allowed for those with documented medical exemptions or documented and sincerely held religious beliefs and practices.*

It is vital that we provide a safe and healthy on-campus program for our students, faculty and staff;  COVID vaccination is now known to be the primary precautionary measure that we can all take to protect ourselves as well as the communities in which we live and work.

Parents/guardians are reminded once again, to please upload both their child’s and their own vaccination information to the D-E Magnus Health Portal (“Magnus”) as soon as possible. *Note that details regarding access to Magnus are provided below. 

  • When a student turns 12 years old, they must receive their first COVID vaccine within one week of their 12th birthday.
  • Unvaccinated family members or guardians will not be allowed on campus. 

* Parents of a student with a documented medical exemption should reach out to your relevant Division School Nurse(s) so that proper documentation can be obtained from your child’s healthcare provider.

* Parents of a student with a documented religious exemption should reach out to D-E Assistant Head of School for Advancement Pat Boig at

For all D-E Faculty and Staff, please note that D-E Director of Human Resources Lynda Soriano is gathering all vaccination information as well as documented exemptions. 


All students, faculty and staff will be required to complete the D-E RUVNA daily health/medical self-check prior to coming to campus. Returning D-E families will be accustomed to RUVNA. New D-E families, please note you will receive an Email and text message prompt from RUVNA automatically each day for each of your children enrolled at the School. Before sending or bringing your child(ren) to school, we ask that you contact your relevant Division School Nurse(s) if the results from completing RUVNA indicate that they stay home. Using RUVNA to track any symptoms, including those that may be related to a common cold, allergies, infections, etc., will be helpful to our being fully apprised of the overall general health of our community.


Current as of December 30, 2021

Any student, faculty, or staff member who tests positive for COVID, regardless of vaccination status, MUST isolate at home through Day 5, or, if applicable, until a negative follow-up PCR test result is provided.

  • If someone tests positive through the School’s on-campus testing program, a second on-campus test will be run again. If the second test is also positive, then this will be a confirmed positive and there will be no need for a follow-up PCR. If the second on-campus test is negative, the School will then require a follow-up PCR.
  • Please remember that the day of the positive test or the first day that you develop symptoms, is Day 0 (zero). 
  • If you have symptoms and test positive with any COVID test OR have a known exposure and test positive with any COVID test, there is no need to verify the results with a follow-up PCR test.

Students must provide your relevant Division Nurse(s) a completed Return to School & Athletics Form signed by your doctor once you have fully recovered and have completed the isolation period to return to campus on or after Day 6.


With the different COVID variants and the health and safety of all Dwight-Englewood students and faculty/staff in mind, we must be extra cautious and ask ALL students to be COVID tested if they are exhibiting ANY COVID-like symptoms, before returning to school.

  • Please ensure RUVNA is completed (see above) before your child(ren) goes to school every morning and even while they are home sick. If your child is denied on RUVNA, that will be an indication for a COVID test. 
  • Many students have seasonal allergies, but it is vital to rule out COVID. 
  • When any student exhibits cold symptoms or any COVID-like symptoms, including gastrointestinal illnesses, we ask you to please have your child tested at a testing facility. 
  • Once COVID is ruled out, your child may need to be re-tested if their symptoms worsen, they develop new symptoms, or their symptoms resolve, and they become ill again at a later date. 
  • If your child is home sick over the weekend, please do not send your child(ren) to school without COVID testing them and sending their results to their relevant Division Nurse(s). Symptoms vary and may be mild for those fully vaccinated.

Important: A negative COVID test does not mean that your child is well enough to be at school. Often a doctor’s appointment is necessary to diagnose other illnesses. 

Please remember that your child(ren) must be well enough to fully participate in class and be able to tolerate wearing a mask. When in doubt, call your child’s pediatrician and keep your Division Nurse(s) informed.


Beginning on January 4, 2022, Riverside Medical Group will test all students, faculty/staff each week.

Anyone who tests positive in our on-campus rapid testing program will need to isolate at home.

  • If someone tests positive through the School’s on-campus testing program, a second on-campus test will be “re-run” by Riverside. If the second test is also positive, then this will be a confirmed positive and there will be no need for a follow-up PCR. If the second on-campus test is negative, the School will then require a follow-up PCR.
  • Quarantine is required through Day 5 for a positive tester regardless of symptoms or vaccination status. If and only if symptoms have resolved, the student, faculty or staff member can return with the signed D-E Return to School & Athletics Form. Please know that our nurses will ask you to make a doctor’s appointment for your child or the faculty/ staff member for clearance to return on Day 6.  Telehealth appointments with a doctor are available for students who do not play sports on-campus through Riverside Medical and the school nurse will provide you that information.  Telehealth appointments are not acceptable for student-athletes: The Return to School & Athletics Form requires a cardiac assessment that must be done in a doctor’s office.   


In the event of On-Campus Exposure or “Close Contact” * (see Note below) to someone who tests positive for COVID:

  • If an unvaccinated student is exposed on campus through “Close Contact”* (see Note below) with an individual who tests positive for COVID and is identified through our contact tracing protocols, we will require that student to quarantine through Day 5. On Day 6, the student will be asked to test through the School’s on-campus drive-up testing program. If your child takes a bus to school, they will need to show proof of a negative test to ride the school bus. 
  • If a fully vaccinated student, faculty or staff member is exposed on campus through “Close Contact”* (see Note below) with an individual who tests positive for COVID and is identified through our contact tracing protocols, we will require that vaccinated student, faculty or staff member to monitor themselves for symptoms and COVID test on Day 5 after the exposure. 

    *Note: Determination of On-Campus Exposure to or “Close Contact” with a ‘positive tester’ is determined by the Division Nurse(s) and Principal(s) following our contact tracing protocols.  We will notify students, faculty and staff of any close contact with a positive tester on campus regardless of their vaccination status. Close Contact on-campus is less than 3 feet with a mask on, less than 6 feet without a mask on, for a cumulative of 15 minutes in 24 hours. 


    If the student is unvaccinated and someone in the household is symptomatic, has tested positive, or is waiting for the results of a recent COVID test, the student must stay at home until the results of the test are received.

    • The COVID-positive person in the household must maintain CDC isolation protocol.
    • If the results of the household member’s test are positive, the student should have an immediate PCR and MUST quarantine at home through Day 5, then on Day 6, take a COVID test through the School’s drive-up testing program or show proof of a negative test. If negative, the student may return to campus on Day 6.

    If you are fully vaccinated:

    • The COVID positive person in the household must maintain CDC isolation protocol
    • The D-E Students, Faculty, or Staff should have an immediate PCR, wait for results (1-3 days), and may return if their test is negative
      • Monitor symptoms and if new symptoms arise, the student/faculty/staff must stay at home and get tested at a testing facility or through the School’s testing program.

    Questions regarding the above guidelines may be directed to your Division Nurse(s):

    If a student feels ill and has siblings at school

    When a student is ill, their (healthy) sibling(s) must remain home until the sick student has a COVID test.

    • You may use a home test on both children (Abbott Binax Now available over the counter in CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc.). Alternatively, please contact your relevant Division Nurse to coordinate a drive-up test through the School’s on-campus testing program.
    • If the ill child is negative, and the sibling is negative, you may send the healthy child to school.
    • The ill child must either visit their doctor to get a COVID test, be tested through the School’s testing program, or visit an urgent center for professional testing. 
    • Please seek the guidance of your Division Nurse before sending your healthy child(ren) to school, and also email a photo of your child’s home test.

    * Important please note that the in-home testing protocol above pertains ONLY to situations when healthy child(dren) have a sick sibling.

    In-home tests may only be accepted in certain situations; the Division Nurse(s) will determine if a clinical test is required.


    If you are traveling domestically or internationally and have a child who is not vaccinated, your child is required to be quarantined through Day 5. 

    • This means that travel for unvaccinated children during Winter Break will require a post-travel quarantine and time away from school unless the child has returned from traveling by December 29, 2021. 
    • Mask usage is required whether vaccinated or unvaccinated while traveling on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation and while indoors at airports or stations.

    Questions about the above may be directed to your Division Nurse(s).

    For those who are Fully Vaccinated:

    Domestic travel:

    If vaccinated, social distancing is still required in addition to wearing a mask. You do not need to test or quarantine after travel if fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 within the past 90 days. Monitor yourself for symptoms and test if you become symptomatic. 

    International travel:

    If vaccinated, you are not required to quarantine after International travel but must PCR test on Day 5.

    For those who are Unvaccinated:

    If you plan to travel… including for Winter Break.

    Defining different types of travel:

    • High-risk travel that requires quarantine for unvaccinated students upon your return.

        • Traveling via public transportation (e.g., plane; train/rail; bus; rideshares (e.g., Uber);
        • Staying in a resort
        • Lodging with individuals outside of your immediate household who are not vaccinated
        • Going places where large(r) groups gather in general (e.g., conventions, amusement parks, Disney, cruise ships, large sporting events).
    • Low-risk travel that would not require quarantine includes;

      • Driving directly to your destination
      • Traveling and spending time only with your household or vaccinated individuals
      • Staying in a private home
      • Staying in a hotel with limited contact to staff and other guests
      • Following CDC safety guidelines

    After you travel…

    For unvaccinated students, a PCR test on Day 3 is required after their return, AND they must stay home and quarantine through Day 5 even if their COVID test is negative.

    Day 0 (zero) is the day you return from your travels and Day 6 is the day your child may return to school with proof of a negative PCR test from Day 3.

    Please forward the results of the negative test to your Division Nurse. Monitor your child for symptoms and if any develop, get tested. If the child tests positive, quarantine through Day 5 with the date of the test being Day 0 (zero).

    • Each family’s travel plans may be unique; please check with your Division Nurse to discuss any travel-related plans to determine if your child will be required to quarantine.

    (e.g. Winter/Spring Break):

    Please reach out to your appropriate Division School Nurse(s) to inform us if you and/or your child(ren) had COVID. This is important for us to know, as you should not be tested for 90 days after having COVID. Additionally, the Return to School & Athletics Form must be provided. Also, if you are exposed during the 90 days after having COVID, there is no need for you to quarantine.


    Lunch remains one of the more important social moments in campus life. We will continue to follow protocols and procedures to ensure that lunch is safe and healthy for all, including during the winter months. 

    • When taking our masks off to eat, maintaining distance remains critically important. Round tables/chairs in use will be set up to ensure minimal (low) density.  Long tables/chairs in use will be set up “two-deep” so that students are several feet apart but still facing one another.  Students and faculty/staff are reminded to use School-provided disinfectant wipes on all table surfaces,  after eating. 
    • For the Middle and Upper Divisions, we will use the Silberfein Gymnasium as an additional dining hall space during the winter months. This will allow us the additional space we need for lunch with minimal disruption to athletics and our Health and Wellness Program. We will reassess this plan when we are able to use the Leggett Field Tent (outside) again in the spring. 
    • The Lower School will continue to expand their lunch into the Drapkin Hall Gym as well as the Drapkin Hall Dining Room.
    • In the Upper School, we will further stagger the time when students go to lunch as a way of lessening the number of students who are not eating at any one time.
    • Plated hot meals, as well as sandwiches and salads, will be packaged and served for ‘grab-and-go’ for Middle and Upper School students and faculty/staff. 
    • Lower School (LS) parents/guardians will continue to use the Nutrislice lunch ordering online website and/or app, to order food for their LS child(ren): click here to access. For help or additional information, please contact D-E Dining Services by Emailing Joan Millien, at:

      THE COOP 

      • The COOP will be closed for the month of January. Middle and Upper School athletes who are staying after school will be provided snacks before practices/games


      All bus riders are required to wear a mask. No more than two people are allowed to sit on any one bench seat on the bus. These requirements pertain to buses to and from campus as well as all athletic buses to practices and games.


      As we did last year, we will maintain the highest quality filtration and air flow in all indoor spaces.


      As we did last year, all rooms, surfaces, handles, and touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected daily.  Restrooms will be cleaned throughout the day.


      No one will be allowed on campus between drop-off and pick-up without an appointment. The School will not have any parent meetings/general meetings with outside groups on campus in January. The School will determine if we need to extend this policy into February as we learn more in January.

      The Approved Parent Volunteer Program for on-campus parent volunteers will hopefully resume in February. 


      The School’s Magnus Health Portal (“Magnus”) issues periodic email updates to remind families that they need to complete their child’s medical/health forms, and Magnus can be accessed from these emails. Parents/guardians can also access Magnus from the MyD-E Parent Resource Board. Please note that LogIn to MyD-E is required to access Magnus. For MyD-E LogIn help and/or help with accessing Magnus, please email

      SPORTS (Athletics & Teams) | SPECTATORS POLICIES

      There will be no spectators permitted for Middle School games, or any other games held in Silberfein Gym.
      When attending games in the Myrna B. Sherman Gymnasium, please note: 
      • There are currently no restrictions on the number of spectators. 
      • Masks must be worn at all times. 
      • Social distancing must be maintained.
      • No food or beverages are permitted for spectators.
      These guidelines are subject to change. 


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